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down on the farm

We have been out here in Newberry Springs for almost 2 weeks now; we have all really taken to the"farm life".
Early mornings mean early nights.... so much so that I wonder if I have have finally seems the last of being a night owl. Only time will tell.

The house and grounds had/have a bunch of work that needs done, being as the house has been used as a rental for a year or two, and before that, the owner began to fall into I'll health, and eventually passed away. That being said, the grove needed a mountain of work together it up to standard.... we spent the first week just working I the grove, and only in the past few days have we even begun to unpack and work on the house. there is still amazing amounts of work to do; we don't think we will be done all the repairs, remodeling, and improvements we wish to take on until fall of 2015.... but it's no matter, at least it is ours, and everything we do adds value to our investment.