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Hey, it's almost 2013

I came back to lj to back up my journal entires and saw that things have really changed around here. LJ is all modern and junk... So after reading up o some of my old friends, I see that there are still lots of you on here. crazy. I haven't even been to this server in like a year and a half. WHAT!? Yeah.. March 2011.

I am thinking about trying to be more active here. Not that I regret moving to tumblr, because 2 accounts and 7 blogs later; I have to say tumblr is working out for me. The only thing is, I really don't post anything that is too personal on tumblr. Mostly just photos, artwork, and quotes. maybe I will link some of my accounts together... Of course, i use each social media platform for something slightly different. But none of my existing accounts have ever prompted me to write personal reflections the way LJ has for all these years.

And someplace personal is what I think has been missing. I am now back in therapy again... After having a slow mental breakdown through out late summer into fall. I have only been going for about 2 months, but I do feel that it is already making a difference.

I am thinking about making this journal very personal.... Either that or maybe backing up everything and deleting it. I don't know.. I feel like the task of catching everyone up on my life would be too much.. So if I do start writing again, I am just going to pick up and dive in.

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Dec. 27th, 2012 11:13 pm (UTC)
nice to hear from you, I thought you were gone from lj for good
Dec. 28th, 2012 01:05 am (UTC)
Yeah... It feels really nostalgic to be putzing around LJ. What prompted me to come back was a seeing a year end round up of stories, and one of the links was the pussy riot's livejournal. Once I got here, I figured I might as well login.

Once here, I started checking up on people, and Bam! The feels came raining down.
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