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other crazy thing

the one thing I find neat is that we now live the same distance from Las Vegas as Los Angeles; about 2 hours from either one. we are essentially half way between LA and Vegas, right off the15, smack down I the middle of the Mojave Desert....


down on the farm

We have been out here in Newberry Springs for almost 2 weeks now; we have all really taken to the"farm life".
Early mornings mean early nights.... so much so that I wonder if I have have finally seems the last of being a night owl. Only time will tell.

The house and grounds had/have a bunch of work that needs done, being as the house has been used as a rental for a year or two, and before that, the owner began to fall into I'll health, and eventually passed away. That being said, the grove needed a mountain of work together it up to standard.... we spent the first week just working I the grove, and only in the past few days have we even begun to unpack and work on the house. there is still amazing amounts of work to do; we don't think we will be done all the repairs, remodeling, and improvements we wish to take on until fall of 2015.... but it's no matter, at least it is ours, and everything we do adds value to our investment.


monday we will officially be homeowners and pistachio growers!

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I need to try to be less inhibited both literally and emotionally. I feel like I am stifling myself creatively. The combination of my perfectionism and my concern of being judged by not only myself, but others. Of course these are in my head.

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Hey, it's almost 2013

I came back to lj to back up my journal entires and saw that things have really changed around here. LJ is all modern and junk... So after reading up o some of my old friends, I see that there are still lots of you on here. crazy. I haven't even been to this server in like a year and a half. WHAT!? Yeah.. March 2011.

I am thinking about trying to be more active here. Not that I regret moving to tumblr, because 2 accounts and 7 blogs later; I have to say tumblr is working out for me. The only thing is, I really don't post anything that is too personal on tumblr. Mostly just photos, artwork, and quotes. maybe I will link some of my accounts together... Of course, i use each social media platform for something slightly different. But none of my existing accounts have ever prompted me to write personal reflections the way LJ has for all these years.

And someplace personal is what I think has been missing. I am now back in therapy again... After having a slow mental breakdown through out late summer into fall. I have only been going for about 2 months, but I do feel that it is already making a difference.

I am thinking about making this journal very personal.... Either that or maybe backing up everything and deleting it. I don't know.. I feel like the task of catching everyone up on my life would be too much.. So if I do start writing again, I am just going to pick up and dive in.

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Horoscope Discussions


"In this chart the planets are closely grouped together in very few signs. In addition, the signs must all be consecutive. this is the rarest pattern of all seven types. Here, the individual is a specialist - someone whose work or interests revolve around one concern or point of view. Bundle types do best applying themselves to one subject and becoming an expert at it"


"The fourth quarter of the horoscope consists of houses 10, 11, & 12. People with many planets in this quarter are the most independent and ambitious of all. They make their own way in life, and gain through their own efforts rather than those of other people. In early life they usually learn to depend on themselves; their self sufficiency is likely to bring them success later in life."

~ quoted from Joanna Martine Woolfolk, excerpts from ISBN 0-8128-8506-6 

SexIs Interview

After the Planned Parenthood Walk for Choice, Tina Vasquez emailed me. She asked to interview me on some of my thoughts on the subject. Here is a link to the full article.. you can also see some of the photos that I (and others) took that day.

"When the Assault on Planned Parenthood Becomes Personal"

Memento Park, Budapest Hungary

Pictures from our 2009 visit to Memento Park Sculpture Garden.